Monday, June 15, 2009


If you go to the beach, let it have its way with you

The beach has a way:
its own rules,
its own measures,
its own pleasures,
its own treasures.

You can approach the beach
with an imposing agenda,
with unbeachly purposes,
intend to gain a tan,
achieve brief respite,
complete a book,
conquer the waves,
acquire some interesting shells.

But the beach has a way of
sabotaging willful minds,
altering pompous priorities,
softening rough edges,
renewing unsuspecting souls.

It may take some time,
but the beach will have its way.
Its sun will sear.
Its sounds will lull.
Its sands will penetrate.
Its wind will surround.
Its tides will remeasure.
Its wake will batter away
every preconceived notion,
every purposeful intention.

If you go to the beach,
you cannot long resist its power.
So, kick off your shoes,
expose your limbs,
wade into the wake,
wallow in the sand,
walk the shore,
sleep in its embrace.

The sooner you set aside
convention and calculation
and forget about time,
the sooner the beach will
work its magic, so that
whatever you went to it for,
it will return you one better.

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