Saturday, June 6, 2009


Proof that I've still got it at the ripe old age of 50

Our family enjoyed a couple of days at Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana, over the weekend. It was a bit nippy for skiiing (70 degrees...maybe) and windy, but we made the most of it while our married daughter, Abby, was in town for a few days after Molly's high school graduation last week.

Our family has enjoyed boating for a few days each summer as long as I can remember. Becky's family introduced me to skiing before we were married and it seems like we've enjoyed the diversion within limits ever since.

In this photo, I'm skiing on an old but wonderful wooden Connelly ski that my father-in-law gave us after he sold his boat a few years ago. I learned to slalom on a wide, flat ski and double-handle rope, but graduated to this beauty. It is difficult to pull up out of the water with, but the control for cutting and jumping the wake is amazing. By the way, the shoreline in the photo is part of John Mellancamp's property and house that overlooks the lake near the Cutright marina.

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