Friday, May 29, 2009


An unabashed parental brag

Indulge me this post, please. It's an unabashed parental brag. Molly, our third child of four, and our second daughter, graduated from Ben Davis High School this evening. The attended public school all 12 grades. She was placed in an academically gifted and talented program at Westlake Elementary School in Wayne Township (Marion County) in fourth grade. She continued on this track into advanced placement and honors courses through high school. She made straight As from start to finish. On a 4.o scale, her grade point average is 4.87. She was one of two students at Ben Davis to become National Merit Scholar Finalists. She ranked third in a class of nearly 900 students.

Molly started and lettered all four years on the Ben Davis Girls Soccer Team and was a team captain. She recieved Academic All-State recognition in soccer. As a Freshman, Molly qualified for the Indiana State Track & Field Finals in the 4x800 relay. She recently received the Air Force Athletic and Academic Excellence Award.

Molly had leading rolls in school musicals from Junior High through her senior year at Ben Davis. Most recently, she had the role of Jo March in "Little Women, the Musical." She sang in choirs in elementary school (including Circle the State with Song), Junior High, and in High School was a dance captain for Premiers Show Choir, which placed 3rd in the state this year. She also sang in the Purple Aires concert choir that placed 3rd in the state this year--the highest ever finish for BDHS.

These are only the outward accomplishments. Through all this and running beneath it is a spiritual depth, critical perspective, wisdom, and fire that is readily observable in Molly. This breadth of achievement and capacity along with a depth of character and spirit is a joy to celebrate at this particular milestone. I am thankful and proud as I can be.

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  1. Delightful! Kids that develop/achieve in those ways - even with personal, individual skills and abilities - are clearly nurtured in a family/home/community environment that fosters this kind of achievement! Good for *all* of your family!


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