Friday, May 15, 2009


Save your heart, save your money, save bumper-to-bumper stress--commute by bicycle

I'm getting ready to head out of the house for work on my bicycle. I do this about 20% of the time in cooler weather, more in warm weather. But it's good for any weather. Folks in the Netherlands have the highest per capita rate of bicycle commuters in the world.
I read a good article on the economics of bike commuting at Active Cycling. It costs just $.03 per mile to ride a bike, compared to $.70 per mile to drive an automobile with a single driver. When you convert the amount of energy stored in one gallon of gasoline to food calory equivalents, bikes get 900 miles per gallon, compare to the 15-35 mpg of an automobile. Of course there's the stress factor of bumper-to-bumper traffic subtracted from your commute. And there's the exercise factor, too. Commuting by bike is a twofer--no need to hit the gymn after your stressful, gas-guzzling commute home.

Welll, gotta ride. Think about it.


Post Event Update: About 400 folks who rode to work in Indy showed up on Monument Circle at 8 am for the Mayoral Proclamation. Free breakfast. Free goodies. Lots of info and folks talking cycling's impact on sustainability. Found some of my cycling heroes/heroines on the Circle. Nancy Stimson (with me in photo) is a minister who operates Free Wheelin', which receives old used bikes, teaches repair to urban kids and gives them a bike. Richard Vonnegut (yes, he's related to Kurt) oversees the Hooiser Rails to Trails initiative.

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