Friday, May 1, 2009


I penned this at a crossroads of ministry a little over ten years ago

I had just come through a hellacious chapter of church struggles. Interests and influences larger than me coalesced to alienate me from the church of my upbringing and ordination. I had upheld my integrity, but I was wasted from the conflict. I was certain and uncertain. I was confident and shaken. I felt betrayed and yet wanted to forgive. I felt forgotten and yet, strangely, known. I felt like I had nowhere to go but into the arms of God's love and the assurance of God's calling on my life. I sat in an open space and took in a sunrise. Thinking about all this, I penned this poem.

God of evening burning sunset,
God of morning breaking dawn,
Crown my days with grace and glory
As a forgiven and forgiving one.

Let condemnation turn to mercy
In light of your surpassing grace,
Let controlling turn to yielding
As I look more upon your face.

Challenge, by your Holy Spirit,
All my passing, halting thoughts;
Let none go by uncaptured
By the love your passion brought.

Lest my days be passed in chasing,
In pursuit of some elusive dream,
Let Your Incarnation shape me--
Spend me, use me, as you deem.

Yet even service is your choosing,
Every calling is your call;
Every choice you make is holy,
Though you not choose me at all.

Yet I believe I’ve heard you
In my deepest, innermost part;
Time and time again you call me:
“Follow me with all your heart.”

So as this glorious morning blossoms
And the day brings its demands,
With joy for your forgiveness,
I give you all that I am.

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