Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wonder of Our Loved Ones

We must strain to see, nurture and celebrate the wonder we experience in our loved ones

Thinking of our family, with its particularities and peculiarities, with each one's uniqueness and struggles and possibilities, with the dynamic of life that we share--gathering and scattering, coming and going, I penned the following in gratitude.

Loved ones deserve our effort
to nurture their wonder.
Against the tide of sameness
and routine familiarity,
against presumption of predictability,
we strive to discern and celebrate
what is unique to each and evidently a gift to all.

Though all the world may see merely
a name, a number, a commodity,
we must strain to see originality –
and life and hope and promise –
in those to whom we have been given
and who have been given to us.

Even and especially after years
of companionship and common life,
when it might seem there are no surprises
and nothing new to be known of the other,
when change is no longer a harbored expectation,
our loved ones deserve earnest contemplation –
as if we have yet to discover the
source of their shining light.

The world may or may not discover
the wonder of our children
or the glory of our spouse,
but we will have not fully lived
until we have perceived and guarded
and fueled their unique graces.

Nurture the wonder in loved ones
when they cannot see it for themselves,
or do not believe in themselves,
or sell themselves short.
Perhaps the reminder will
turn the tide and hold them fast
in dark and disillusioning days.

Nurture their distinct wonder--
not what you wish they would become
or desire for your own gratification.
And when they shine as a light
to those whose ways they are intended to brighten,
let your blessing flow unbridled,
trusting to wonder the glory
that will come through them.

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