Thursday, April 14, 2011


THIS VULNERABLE GOD. “On this Sunday, through the palms and the shouts of royal acclamation, we see that Jesus enters Jerusalem to fulfill the longing of the ages, but in a way we could never have imagined. This vulnerable God rides into the city and also into our lives, entering those deep places of sorrow and suffering and fear, taking them on as one who has lived both with us and for us.” - Keenan Kelsey

FESTIVAL OF PARADOX. "Palm Sunday is the festival of a paradox, the paradox that lies that the very heart of the Christian faith. Jesus is the Messiah, and yet not the Messiah. Nevertheless in a higher and final sense he is the Messiah, the one who was to come, and who came, and who is still to come. 'Jesus is the King who did not reign.' Even so, Christians have described him as the 'uncrowned King.' He was uncrowned, but it was with a crown of thorns, and his scepter was a reed. He did not reign, yet he does reign, he has reigned, he will reign for ever and ever.” - Frederick C. Grant

THE LIFE TO WHICH WE ARE CALLED. “The Kingdom of which Christ is Lord is not worldly but it is not otherworldly; for it is a Kingdom in this world, a historical and political reality, which both devastates and consummates the apparently prevailing order and all of its regimes and putative regimes and revolutionary causes. The life to which those in Christ are called consists of living as a society, now under the reign of the Word of God, beholden to Christ as Lord of all of life within the whole of creation, until that day when his reign is vindicated and the fullness of the power of death is exhausted, and all persons, principalities, and powers are rendered accountable, and this history ends.” - William Stringfellow

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