Monday, April 20, 2009


Four points for reflection on the Emmaus road/table story

BULLET POINTS. Well, the weekend got away from me. I reflected fully on the Luke 24:13-35 account of Jesus as the stranger on the road to Emmaus and the revelation of his true identity when he broke bread with the two who offered him hospitality. However, I did not take the time to share my reflections or development here fully as I had hoped. What I can offer, at this point, are four one-sentence observations that could use some further consideration and unpacking:

- Unrecognized, Jesus often meets us on our road of confusion and anxiety. Luke 24:13-16

- Sometimes, we need the stranger more than the stranger needs us. Luke 24:17-27

- When we make room, simple things like breaking bread can reveal an eternal dimension. Luke 24:28-32

- If we do not offer hospitality we will never know what intended blessing we missed. Luke 24:33-35

More later.

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