Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What would it mean for you and me to take sustainability seriously?

GOING GREEN. A relatively few to a growing minority of folks have been taking sustainability seriously for quite some time. But for most Americans, myself included, sustainability has been more a word than a lived value to this point. After listening to Hot, Flat, and Crowded audiobook by Thomas Friedman and reading Green Collar Economy by Van Jones, I'm moving it into value/action territory.

PRACTICAL ACTIONS. I begin with the question: What would it mean for you and me to take sustainability seriously?I'm thinking of... Food. Mobility. Energy. Marketplace decisions. Investing. Communicating. Land use. Household living. Personal health. Waste disposal. Recreating. Compassion-sharing. Economic equity.

FOR ONE, FOR ALL. Some mild thought to small to modest-scale daily decisions might yield some significant impacts when many people start taking this seriously. My friend R. John Gibson keeps signing his e-mails "for our children's children." Another friend tells me he sees sustainability in terms of stewardship: "The journey of stewardship is the journey from me, more, now to us, enough, tomorrow." I want to join in that journey.

SUSTAINABLE INDIANA. It is about buying locally-grown food and farmers markets. It is about recycling and composting. It is about community gardening and civic engagement. And it's so much, much more. I've committed to work with an intitiative to encourage Hoosiers to move significantly toward being fully sustainable in a wide range of areas of living by 2016--the 200th anniversary of our state. Indiana Sustainability 2016 is just getting started and I'm in the process of doing homework and getting up to speed on the opportunities and challenges before us.

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  1. You might want to check out the Waynedale Green Alliance or maybe make an appearance at the 1st Annual GreenFEST that is taking place in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Or you might want to look for my book coming in the winter of '09 'The Midwest Manifesto: Creating a Green Revolution in the Heartlant' For more information about the mission of the Waynedale Green Alliance visit


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