Saturday, February 28, 2009


We've willed the world we have and nothing will change...until our will is transformed

"What has happened in history
is what we human beings have
willed should happen. We have to
take full responsibility for it.
And there is no possibility of
a different kind of history—
a new age of justice and mercy—
until the will within us is
confronted and conquered
by the will of God that

meets us so compellingly
in the Christ of the cross."

The Cultural Subversion of the Biblical Faith by James D. Smart.

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  1. Great quote. I may have to pick up that text! I appreciate that your blog often introduces me to "older" texts. No offense to your age, Rev. Hay!

  2. Sometimes older is better. Sometimes. We used Smart's book when I was a student at ONU. It made a big impression on me then. I pulled it off the shelf last year and have gone back to it several times since.


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