Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Letters to the President of the United States of America

I've decided to renew a writing project I started on January 20, 2001

RENEWING A WRITING PROJECT. After mulling it over for a while and with some prodding from a few friends, I've decided to renew my writing project called "My Letters to the President of the United States."

WRITING TO PRESIDENT BUSH. I started writing to President George W. Bush with great vigor on the day of his 2001 Inauguration. The project trailed off when I got frustrated and discouraged as the tone and nature of his Presidency began to emerge. I ended up writing and posting only 76 letters in eight years. Still, when I wrote, the letters were heart-felt and sincere.

WRITING TO PRESIDENT OBAMA. My letters to President Barack Obama have begun and each will be posted online, as all my letters to President George W. Bush have been. The site is My Letters to the President of the United States, a free Geocities site. Along with sending each letter by post and e-mail to The White House, I am electronically copying my Congressional representatives and one member of the press.

AN ACT OF CITIZENSHIP AND PRAYER. I'm not committing to write weekly, but will pen letters occasionally. I have no delusions that any of these letters will actually be read by the President or even by staffers. The exercise is for my own sense of citizenship, awareness, assessment, and participation. I find that intending and writing these letters keeps me focused and reflective on our nation's leadership and on leadership in general. It also is an expression of prayer and intercesssion. As in the past, I invite anyone interested to look over my shoulder as I write and let me know of your responses from time to time.

In the spirit of dialog, I welcome comments and/or questions. Click on "responses" below to post. They're moderated only to reduce incivility. Shalom!

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