Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I’d like to see a thorough fact-check of ads multi-national energy corporations are currently running

ARE WE THAT STUPID? Do you wonder why Exxon is running TV ads lauding its vast commitment to green energy, medical research, and tomorrow's solutions? Do they really think we are just that stupid? Perhaps they do. Or perhaps they think the general public has a short memory or is unable or unwilling to make ready connections to its excesses, abuses, and irresponsibilities. Each time one of its heart-tugging, world-loving, future-saving ads come on, I marvel at the audacity.

DRINKING THE KOOL-AID. Commenting on this to a friend, he comically suggested I just shut up and drink their Kool-aid. It’s not just Exxon. I notice similar ads running for General Electric, British Petroleum and other energy giants. These same multi-nationals have for decades lobbied Congress intensively against any progressive energy policy. Now they claim to be on the cutting edge of new energy solutions. The ground has shifted under them and they are scrambling.

FACT-CHECK, PLEASE! I notice that Exxon and the energy companies run ads particularly on news programs. Yet, none of these news programs are fact-checking the ads the companies that pay their salaries are foisting on the public. I'd like to see one of the news programs these energy companies sponsor do a major investigative report on their actual past and current commitments to green energy and infrastructure for the future...along with their record on lobbying. It seems to me this is one way news organizations can demonstrate their independence and assist the public in discerning how much is truth and how much is fiction.

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  1. This is a quote from a prominent Christian leader, I am sorry I don't know who, but it comes from the book "Blessed Unrest"..."We've spiritualized the devil, but when Exxon is funding think tanks to basically confuse the lessons that we're getting from this great book of creation, that's devilish work. We find ourselves praying to God to protect us from the wiles of the devil, but we can't see him when he staring us in the face."


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