Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sojourners put together an impressive group of religious leaders' letters to Barack Obama

LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT. Lots of folks are writing "Dear Mr. President" letters to Barack Obama as he prepares to take the reigns of power in Washington, D. C. There's lots of interesting advice he will never hear or read. Hey, I may even try to write one myself. I certainly wrote a ton of letters to George W. Bush, none of which were likely read and some of which now seem prophetic (even if I say so myself).

INSIGHTFUL AND READ-WORTHY. The best set of short letters to the President-elect I've come across is in this month's issue of Sojourners magazine. I recommend you read the Sojourners letters online. They come from a diverse group of religious leaders and show a heartening depth and insight.

IN SHARP CONTRAST. By the way, these letters are in sharp contrast to the deplorable, caustic letter "from 2012" that Focus on the Family's James Dobson circulated just before the November presidential election. If you want to know what responsible, insightful, and prophetic spiritual leaders write to a President, read the Sojourners letters.

LOOKING FORWARD. These brief charges are inspiring reading for the end of a tough year and a dismal era in American and global life. Let us--please--turn the page on this chapter of our collective history and strain toward the realization of a future that grace makes possible.

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