Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few sites that can connect you to viable, local sustainability and green earth action

Clean coal? Wind? Bio fuel? Alternative fuels? Buzz words, only?

When? How? Will they make a difference? How much?

Readily recognizable corporations are seizing on the emerging call for clean energy with very slick (and expensive) TV commercials. Which makes the cautious cynic in me ask: What are they REALLY up to? Bait and switch? Obfuscation? Maintaining monopoly or market share? How hard are they really pushing themselves away from carbon-heavy fuels for consumers?

I don't dare take them at their word as it is presented in a TV commercial. Believing TV commercials/ads, in general, for truth and real commitments is unwise and unaccountable. Image, impression and illusion reign at the expense of reality in the ad world--no matter who is selling the product or promising pleasing outcomes. Count on it.

Below are a few online sites of valid, accountable organizations and initiatives that are working for sustainability and green earth practices. I recommend concerned citizens browse them and see if there are valid, local ways to connect. I will grow this list as I learn more and keep a link list in the Bikehiker sidebar.

I want to thank my friend John Gibson of Indianapolis for his consistent, persistent advocacy for sustainability. He introduced me to the Earth Charter and its local efforts.

Here are some worthy sustainability/green earth links:

Sustainable Indiana - a clearinghouse on grass roots sustainability efforts in the Hoosier state.

Indiana Sustainability Alliance - a business-based initiative

Indiana Living Green - links to lots of commercial resources and events

Hoosier Environmental Council - good folks in it for the long haul

A Greener Indiana - blog-style site with forum, local events, opportunities to get involved

Earth Charter Indiana - state site and initiatives of an international effort

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