Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Memo from my friend John Gibson

The Rev. John Gibson e-mails a "Monday Memo" on behalf of Indiana's effort in the Earth Charter project. I met John while working on regional sprawl, land use, and transportation issues. He's a retired United Methodist pastor who ran for mayor of Indianapolis with the Green Party several years ago and gives his energy to promote sustainability. I especially liked today's note from John:

Thanksgiving has traditionally been about gratitude for such basic needs as
food, health, family and freedom. Basic needs should never be
taken-for-granted especially in these times of economic uncertainty. Our
hearts go out to those who have or are in danger of losing house, job, health
insurance, etc.

For those who still have most or all the basics we might ponder an
additional sphere of gratitude prompted by the Earth Charter: "...when
basic needs have been met, human development is primarily about being more, not
having more."

The thought of "being more" elicits gratitude for purpose in life, for
compassion and forgiveness received or rendered, for embracing nature as a
sacred trust, for respecting those we dislike, for the joy of deep friendships,
for faith in the next generation, etc.

May your Thanksgiving include both the basics and the

For our children's children,

John Gibson

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