Monday, November 3, 2008

The hate-mail attacks keep being forwarded by "concerned" Christians

ATTACK AFTER ATTACK. Well, the outrageous and misleading attack e-mails against Barack Obama just keep coming. Forward after forward, innuendo after innuendo, lie after half-truth, smear after smear. I'm amazed at (1) the gullibility of my fellow Christians and (2) surprised at their readiness to pass along uncritically stuff that contains clearly unsubstantiated falsehoods originating from irresponsible sources. I'm amazed and saddened. I'm keeping some of the e-mails in order to exegete a few to demonstrate the irresponsibility and falsehood of them. Have you received a really juicy hate-mail? Send it to me so I can add it to my growing collection!

NOTHING GOOD TO SAY? Interestingly, none of the e-mails I have received from Christians have had much of anything or anything good to say about John McCain or Sarah Palin. Just trash about Obama and the Democrats. How pathetic. I get it: it's part of the old Carl Rove last 72-hour strategy to scare the wits out of people, intimidate them into doing the "only Christian thing," and shore up the evangelical church-going white vote for the Republicans.

NOTHING PERSONAL? Also, no one has sent me anything they have written personally. Nothing original. Nothing from a personal perspective. No one telling me or anyone else their personal convictions or reasons for voting the way they intend to vote. They just pass along mean, fear-mongering words of others. By contrast, I have declared openly on this blog and in Grace Between the Lines e-journal the principles that guide my voting. Note that I have not written or said anything against either John McCain or Barack Obama. Still, No one has told me what's behind their electoral choices, particularly why they feel their vote is specifically Christian. Interesting.

WHAT NEXT? I'm wondering: If Barack Obama happens to win the election tomorrow, what will those who have spread rumors and fomented falsehood about their new President do? What will they say? How will they respond? Some have worked themselves into a frenzy and painted themselves into a corner what will be hard, should Obama happen to become the next President, to reverse or reconcile. Just something to think about.

PUT AWAY FALSEHOOD. If you're interested in some truth-telling, the Matthew 25 Network has put together an online resource called "Put Away Falsehood" that dispels, one by one, many of the misleading statements, innuendos, and perspectives about Barack Obama. It may be helpful...if truth is something you care about in this election. Some, however, don't want to be confused or bothered by the truth.

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