Monday, October 13, 2008

The trees along Hidden Lake on Indy's northwest side are aglow right now

IN THE HEART OF INDIANAPOLIS. You probably haven't seen it. You can't get to it with a car or SUV. There are no paved or unpaved roads to it. You can only hike or bike to it. No need to drive a long distance, it's right in the heart of Indianapolis! It's nestled between White River and the Canal just north of 38th Street near the Indianapolis Museum of Art. A path to it leads off of the Canal Tow Path. It's Hidden Lake. Get there if you can.

GET THERE IF YOU CAN. If you can get there in the next week, you might get to see what I saw this morning: trees aglow all around the fifteen-acre Hidden Lake, reflecting into the water. It's one of Indy's secret treasures. A single-track mountain bike trail circles the lake. At one point, the river and the lake are separated by less than 20 feet. It's a rather intriguing scene. Worth the time out taken to get there.

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  1. Great image and blog! This area is a hidden treasure but will soon be even more interesting with rotating art installations sprinkled throughout. You can see plans for the IMA's 100 Acres here. It will open in the fall of 2009.


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