Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature's beauty is always on display, we just have to show up

EARLY BIRD. This glorious vista opened up before our eyes as we emerged from the heavily wooded Hidden Lake trail on Monday morning. White River to our left, Hidden Lake to our right, fog hovering on the water, the sun rising in the east... Monet couldn't have painted it better. Chris Province and I were glad we chose to start the ride before dawn and while it was cold. This moment, this view in the silence was worth it.

ALWAYS ON DISPLAY. Annie Dillard notes that the Creator seems always to be going out of the way to fling out breathtaking artistry in multple ways all at once, most of which goes completely unnoticed by us. And even when we happen by in a kairos moment, we rarely actually make the transcendent connections. Nature's beauty as well as nature's shocking manifestations are always on display. We just have to show up...and open our eyes.

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