Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav pays a call just to see how recovery from Katrina's going

HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE. Earlier this summer, I worked for a week in New Orleans with a team to rehab a home that Katrina ravaged. Rebuilding efforts, much of it carried out by church-based volunteers, have been steady. Now, three years later nearly to the day, comes Gustav, as if paying a visit just to test how the recovery from Katrina is going.

RECOVER TO CONTINUE TO REBUILD. It was eerie seeing the city evacuate. Watching CNN, I recognized many of the places we'd visited--the lower 9th Ward, Industrial Canal, French Quarter, Mississippi River levee... I pray that the city is spared the devastation Katrina wrought. If need be, I can return to the city to help folks recover from Gustav so they can continue to rebuild from Katrina.

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