Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I liked this particular expression of the mess that's put ordinary citizens in jeopardy

UNREAL AND REALITY. I've been trying to pay close attention to what's going on with the financial markets collapse, the initial bailouts, and now the monstrous bailout on the backs of American taxpayers that the Bush Administration has proposed. I'm hearing people in power and with unimaginable wealth throwing mind-boggling numbers around like its inconsequential. But I'm also hearing real people in the community expressing disbelief, skepticism and outright anger over what's going on. Staying tuned.

SPENT POLITICAL CAPITAL. It's rather sad that at the moment in which trust in the American Presidency from the American public is most needed, it is completely lacking. Whatever "political capital" our President bragged about having shortly after being reelected in 2004 has been spent. It was spent in much misleading about Iraq. It is telling that his own party's representatives in Congress are the most reticent to agree to the given terms of the $700 billion bailout plan proposed by the Administration.

ALTERNATIVES? I would like to hear about alternatives to putting $700 billion on taxpayers and running up our nation's already spiraling debt and deficit that much further.

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  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Alternatives would include cutting back on rampant militarism. Alternatives would include localized economies, mom-and-pop banks where the localized bad decisions/bad loans/bad credit do not allow for "federal" or "global" threats. Alternatives would require the Federal power brokers/commercial giants less power to create less of an empire/monoply and more State alternatives/initiatives that mitigate against empire/monopolies. My comments are more "lofty" than practical . . . , but it will have to involve people in local communities making different decisions before the "powers" and "industries" will change. ~ mm

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Read this after your blog. Interesting.

    Go to the comic for 9/22/08.

    ~ mm

  3. Thanks, Mike. I agree with you about the potential for local actions and neighbor-based responses. And even there, it seems to me, a real heart humility and repentance is called for. This large financial crisis is nothing more than a combination of person-by-peson, household-by-household irresponsibility, greed, advantage-taking, complicit consent, and carelessness "writ large." Change begins at the heart and in the most basic relationships.


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