Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cultivating Christlikeness may be most challenging in the household

IN THE MUNDANE. Living at home and with family in the mundane, routine, and daily is a primary front in the invitation to cultivate Christlikeness. Here is where weariness and tedium and all-too-familiar pressures expose us as we are in our most unguarded dimension of life.

WHAT WE ARE AT HOME. Home is most often thought of as our fall-back position, our place of retreat. It's where we are at our most basic--even raw--condition of being and relationship. Here, where there are no clients to impress or sales to be made or standards of achievement to be measured or production quotas to be met, we talk and interact and assess and surmise and reflect and re-gather our wits with those most nearest and dearest to us. What we are at home is what we--for better or worse--are.

WHERE JESUS REIGNS. Yet even at home--and perhaps particularly at home--the complex fabric of life produces the grist for conflict, challenge, self-expression, values testing, clarification, and decision. Here is where Christ abiding in one's heart is ever brought to consciousness and into the mix of relationships, words, actions, and responses. Home is not the only arena of spiritual formation--far from it. But it holds rich opportunity for spiritual formation and growth in Christlikeness like few other arenas do.

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