Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sojourners has prepared an insightful but not directive guide for voting Christians

ONE GUIDE I RECOMMEND. The following link opens up an Adobe Acrobat document titled Voting All Your Values - Principles and Policies for Christian Voters that the folks at Sojourners' "Vote Out Poverty" project have prepared. I recommend this even as I tell you that I generally spurn "voter guides."

BEYOND "SINGLE ISSUE" VOTING. Unlike most "Christian" voter guides, this is not single-issue, partisan, litmus-test propaganda self-righteously parading as "the only way you can vote and still call yourself a Christian." Instead, it is a thoughtful, compassionate declaration of a breadth of Biblical concerns that invite due consideration as we vote, ask questions, advocate, etc. As its title indicates, it challenges us to vote ALL of our values as Christians--not just a single issue.

SEVEN AREAS OF CONCERN. Voting ALL Your Values invites consideration in seven areas that are linked to what the Bible teaches:

- Compassion and Economic Justice
- Peace and Restraint of Violence
- Consistent Ethic of Life
- Racial Justice
- Human Rights, Dignity, and Gender Justice
- Strengthen Families and Renew Culture
- Good Stewardship of God's Creation

SOJOURNERS IS TRUSTWORTHY. Led by the Rev. Jim Wallis, the folks at Sojourners have been at the forefront of calling for Biblical principles and informed policies at a national and international level for a generation now. Their hallmark is their advocacy to bring an end to poverty because it is one of the Word of God's most consistent and insistent watchwords. An independent evangelical organization, they side with no party, criticizing both leading political parties on the American scene in light of the Bible. These are folks I have gained a lot of insight and perspective from over the years. Their website, has a plethora of information, podcats, and free tools for local and personal use.

Photo by Sojourners

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