Sunday, August 3, 2008

I survived, they thrived, and it's the day after the long-anticipated wedding

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. It's the day after the wedding that's been in the works for eight months. All is calm. All seem to be satisfied. We are relieved. And weary. That part of the mission was accomplished.

PLEASINGLY UNEVENTFUL. Exacting preparations coalesced in an enjoyable weekend. On Friday, family and participants in the bridal party helped set up for the reception. The Friday evening rehearsal and dinner was pleasingly uneventful. Over 400 friends and faith family members attended the wedding ceremony and reception at West Morris Street Free Methodist Church yesterday afternoon. About 200 extended family members, guests and friends of Abby and Alex joined in an evening catered dinner gathering that ended around 11:00 pm.

THIRD DAY. I woke early this morning and made my usual preparations for leading Morning Worship and exploring the Word of God with our congregation. I returned home after noon to join in a brunch with extended family members during which Abby and Alex opened wedding gifts. To say we are all weary is an understatement. But it is a weariness seasoned with satisfaction and joy at attending to Abby's wedding and a great beginning for their marriage.

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