Saturday, July 26, 2008

A wedding in a beautiful garden park in Fort Wayne included two humorous incidents

"DON'T DO IT, MAN!" Friday afternoon, some members of our family drove north to Fort Wayne, Indiana to attend the wedding of a young man who grew up in our Indianapolis faith community. The wedding was in the middle of the city--an idyllic park with beautiful gardens, reflection pools, and grand trellises just beyond the noise of traffic. The sky was clear and the summer evening was warm. The wedding program was printed on a hand-held fan--very useful. A string quartet played as the bridal party processed and the bride and father of the bride glided to the altar. As the bride joined her groom at the altar, a passing car's horn started honking and a loud voice bellowed exaggeratedly from the distance: "You're crazy! Don't do it, man!"

ILL-TIMED FLY-OVER. Then, during the wedding ring ceremony, four fighter jets from a nearby air base flew overhead, their deafening sound drowning out the "with this ring I thee wed" recitations of the couple. I pondered the possibility of a planned fly-over for the next outdoor wedding I would conduct--the fly-over timed to the moment the groom kisses his bride to seal the deal. That, and/or fireworks!

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  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I just came upon this blog. The author writes of attending an outdoor wedding in Fort Wayne. I assume it was Lakeside Park. I was married nearly 9 years ago in Lakeside Park. The rented chairs never showed up and many of the guests stood. Never did I hear a word of complaint. All I heard was what a beautiful ceremony it was. A


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