Monday, July 21, 2008

After 11 days in West Virginia, I'm back home in Indiana

DRIVING WEST. Yesterday, after finishing my last presentation at Blackhills Free Methodist Camp near Grafton, I drove west from the heart of West Virginia to Parkersburg to visit with some childhood friends. The drive across Ohio and into central Indiana seemed longer than usual. I must be worn out. I kept focused by listening to the audio version of Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle. My, what an imagination! I finally pulled the Beetle into our driveway just before 12 am.

HOME AWAY FROM HOME. So, having been raised in West Virginia, it felt like I have spent the last 11 days "back home." Folks were as genuine and gracious as I remember and I acclimated to the setting and environment with ease. I could imagine living there again. But toward the end of my stay, I was feeling homesick for my family, local challenges, and Indianapolis. So, I'm now "back home again in Indiana."

WHERE IS HOME? Home. West Virginia? Indiana? Where the heart is? Where you lay your head? Where they have to take you in? Where you belong? What was clear and concrete as a child and adolescent seems to take on more of a conceptual "moving target" form as one moves through adult life. For this morning, however, I'm very glad to be safely home with my wife and children and in the places where we together love, serve, and grow.

Photo: vista at Cooper's Rock State Forest near Morgantown, West Virginia

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