Monday, June 23, 2008

Presidential election run-off sham causes opposition leader to withdraw and seek refuge

TSVANGIRAI SEEKS REFUGE. Tension and violence is rising to alarming levels in Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe's government apparently stole the recent national presidential election that had popularly favored opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and forced a run-off. Tsvangirai reluctantly agreed to a run-off election, but his supporters have suffered so much intimidation, violence, and death at the hands of Mugabe's government forces, that Tsvangirai has withdrawn from the election and sought personal refuge at the Dutch Embassy in Harare.

FOR WHAT SHALL WE PRAY? The hopes of the majority of Zimbabwe's electorate for unseating Mugabe, known for corruption and ineffectiveness that has brought this once-robust emerging nation to the point of chaos, seem crushed. Free governments, like Britain, are openly calling for due process to be followed and the will of the people respected. Is this something that can only be solved internally by Zimbabweans? Might neighboring African leaders and nations in the region bring strong diplomatic influence to bear? What creative non-violent responses or actions might be undertaken to bring about a breakthrough? How might a free press contribute healingly? What can Christians, Christian communities, and other religious groups do? Let us pray.

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