Friday, June 20, 2008

Look out, Dubya, Barack's got a bike...and he's not afraid to use it

BARACK ON WHEELS. Dan McFeeley sent me this clipping from a recent Chicago newspaper. Apparently, George W. Bush isn't the only current national-level politician who rides a bike in public. Should he become President of the United States, Barack Obama would be the second consecutive President to send a signal to the rest of us that riding a bike for recreation or work is a good thing.

DEMOCRAT HELMET ALERT. Note: Barack is wearing a helmet. So, all Democrats should, too! Even without it being mandated by Congress or regulated by a government agency, wearing a helmet is good for you and good for the country. Besides, when you have an accident, it will minimize costs under the proposed universal health care coverage!

BIKER BUSH. George W. Bush is likely the first U.S. President to be a serious mountain biking enthusiast. Reportedly, he rides frequently and goes at it with tenacity. There's not been a more biking-friendly or fitness-friendly President. I keep a photo of GWB riding mountain bikes with Lance Armstrong on the right sidebar of this blog (scroll down). Biking is one of Dubya's redeeming qualities.

REPUBLICAN HELMET ALERT: Note: Bush wears a helmet, too. So, Republicans, also, should wear a helmet! Though I suppose Republicans would strap on a helmet only out of a sense of personal freedom and generous social responsibility--certainly not because any government regulation or Congregessional acts would require it. Besides, when you have a biking accident, having worn a helmet will reduce the out-of-pocket costs under personal health insurance plans (which over 40 million other Americans cannot afford)!

McCAIN ON A BIKE? Dan McFeeley has yet to find a photo or reference to John McCain and bicycling. But doesn't it just seem that getting on a bicycle might do McCain some good? I mean, it might not only win him some points with American's young at heart and health-conscious Republicans and Independents, it might actually stave off old age a bit longer.

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