Monday, May 19, 2008

Heading toward the holiday gets me wondering about its original purpose, current focus, and the ascendancy of militarism

LOOKING FORWARD. This week, I intend to post some blog entries reflecting on the relationship between the current focus of Memorial Day and its original intention. Also, to contemplate the role of the military and militarism that has emerged in the United States of America in civilian, Main Street life since 9/11. I'd like to explore three relationships:

1. GLORIFYING WAR? Discerning the difference between memorializing those who died while serving in America's wars and glorifying war and military might [as right] is critical, it seems to me.

2. AN EXCUSE FOR DISPLAYING MILITARY PROWESS? Discovering and embracing Memorial Day (originally: Decoration Day) in its original intention and observance can offer a course correction to today's militaristic propaganda parade.

3. JUSTIFYING MORE WAR? Demonstrating the difference between "supporting the troops" and using their deaths as justification for continued war and "victory" is important as we think of the future of the Iraq War and other conflicts which our leaders thrust upon us.

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