Sunday, May 23, 2010


A poem I penned for Christian Pentecost

How shall we celebrate
this occasion called Pentecost,
when the Holy Spirit poured out
upon the church?

Shall we decorate it
with props and pageants
and trinkets and trivia?

Shall we pine for the past,
longing to have experienced
its original wonders?

Shall we yearn for tomorrow,
praying to reproduce
its manifestations?

Shall we sing ourselves into
a frenzy and call our delirium
Spirit baptism?

Shall we preach Holy Spirit
doctrine until we think
more orthodoxly?

How shall we celebrate
this day on which the Spirit
of truth descended?

Let us celebrate
with open hearts,
with God-hungry and yielded lives,
with expectation of the unexpected
and surprising grace
which challenges our choices
and turns our world
upside down.

Graphic is "Pentecost: Fire and Breath" by Jan Richardson from "The Painted Prayerbook"

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