Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our third child is on the brink of her Senior year...and I'm feeling kinda old about that

A SENIOR IN A FEW DAYS. The school year is drawing to a close. Just a day or two left for Molly as a Junior at Ben Davis High School on Indy's Westside. And then...and then our third child will be a Senior. A Senior!? This can't be! I'm too young. She's too young. Life is too precious. It's all happening too fast. Let's slow this thing down. Let's savor these days, these moments, these passages...

ACADEMIC PURSUIT. Molly's Junior year has been distinguished by a number of well-deserved achievements. She remains in the top five of her class and has scored very well on PSAT, SAT and ACT tests, opening up options for university placement. She was inducted into the National Honor Society a few weeks ago. All this comes by combining giftedness with a lot of hard work and discipline in the books. I appreciate her academic pursuit and I pray that along with it has grown a genuine love for learning. I believe that has blossomed.

SOCCER ACHIEVEMENT. She worked hard on the soccer field from mid-July through October, starting nearly every game for the third year in a row for the Lady Giants. Ben Davis girls achieved a new level of accomplishment this past season, winning the Marion County Championship for the first time. Hopes are high for a core of soon-to-be Seniors who started playing a recreational league together 11 years ago. State final four is possible.

DRAMA AND MUSIC. Molly opted out of track again this spring (she qualified for State on the 4 X 800 as a Freshman) in order to participate in the spring high school musical. Last year she had a leading role in High School Musical. This year she played "Chip" the teacup in a great production of Beauty and the Beast. Though the role was not leading, we think she was the best teacup in the nation! The musical received record attendance and it was fun to watch. Molly sang in both the Purple Aires concert choir and Premiers show choir this year, a challenge that took up a lot of time, weekends, and called upon her to sacrifice attending Abby's college graduation ceremony (no child should be made to do this for the sake of a grade!).

PROUD DAD. So, congratulations on a great year, Molly! And welcome to your Senior year! May it be a year of promise and fulfillment, pointing toward a future that brings you ever nearer to your dreams. You do not make me feel old, though I am surely getting older [on this, my 49th birthday]. You make me feel proud and grateful. And that makes age completely relative.

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