Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oil up your two-wheeler and get ready for a pedaled commute this Friday

RIDE THIS FRIDAY. Indianapolis Bike to Work Day is this Friday, May 16, 2008. As part of Indiana Bicycle Month, hundreds of bicyclists are anticipated to participate in the greater Indianapolis metropolitan Bike to Work Day. Indianapolis Bike to Work Day will include group commuting rides from different locations throughout the city that will converge on the southwest corner of Monument Circle. There will be free bicycle parking, breakfast, giveaways and information awaiting bicyclists as they arrive on Monument Circle. To register or obtain additional information, visit

DE-STRESS, RIDE YOUR BIKE. Typically, it takes me about 20-25 minutes to drive my Beetle from our house to the church office at 2302 W. Morris Street. Riding my bicycle, however, takes just 15 minutes longer. The extra time is worth it to me. It is much less stressful, I've exercised, listened to interesting podcasts or audiobooks, spared the environment that much more carbon waste, and saved a bit of money. I've committed to ride two days a week as long as the weather cooperates.

COMMUTER NATION. Do you know which nation has more bicycle commuters than any other? Not China. Not india. It's The Netherlands! And isn't that a cold place? Guess what nation is the LEAST bicycle commuting nation? You guessed it: USA. If gas prices stay high, might this change?

For fun, check in with the guys at the Kickstand Cyclery, Yehuda and Joe. A great online bicycle comic strip:

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