Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's the first time in a generation Indiana's Primary Election can make a difference

EARLY VOTER. I was in line when the polls opened at 6:00 am at the Pike Township fire station where neighbors who live within the boundaries of Marion County Precinct 31 vote. My paper ballot was the 14th to slide through machine. I hope it will be among the first of what eventually becomes a record turn-out for a primary election in Indiana. Whoever wins their party's nomination to run in the fall general election, may they know that more people voted for them than at any other time in Indiana history.

RALLY LAST NIGHT. Jared and Abby, along with Abby's fiance, my nephew, and a friend of Abby's, joined me to spend last evening downtown at American Legion Mall for a rally for Barack Obama. Stevie Wonder sang old favorites as part of this event. I don't know how many thousand people crammed into that open space, but it looked like over 15,000 to me. We had a good time. Obama's speech was good, if not as inspiring as I've heard him before. It was just fun to be part of the crowd and this one-of-a-kind event in Indiana's civic life.

IT SHOULD BE CLOSE. We'll see what happens today in Indiana and North Carolina today. The polls have been sending incredibly mixed signals, with a small amount of undecided voters able to swing either candidate into a lead in either state. Even though Hillary Clinton is expected to win narrowly in Indiana and Obama is expected to win narrowly in North Carolina, both states could break either way. We'll settle in to enjoy the heated debate and analysis on CNN and MSNBC tonight.

PLEASE VOTE. If you haven't voted yet, please do so! It's a right lots of folks have sacrificed--even given their lives--to make possible.

Photo: the kleig lights were incredibly annoying, but the crowd was vast and the evening was fun on the American Legion Mall last evening

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