Monday, May 5, 2008

May 11 is Pentecost Sunday. How shall we approach it?

Read: Acts of the Apostles 1-2

Out of sheer obedience
and with more than a little anxiety
they gather in an upper room,
their journey at
a crossroads.

The Teacher gone,
would his future be up to
the likes of them--
deserters, deniers, clamorers for
places of privilege?

Guilt and anxiety pervade
their sacred assembly;
they can hardly believe
it comes down to them,
down to this.

Perhaps for not being able to
bear looking squarely at each other,
they bow in prayer.
Only then do they
begin to see.

Whatever it holds,
whatever it promises,
Pentecost can be
approached only on
our knees.

The future, the vision,
the power, the passion,
cannot otherwise be

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