Monday, April 7, 2008

Up and coming cycling comic strip is worth more than a frequent gander...even for non-peds

And now for something totally different...

Go to and browse a comic strip that cyclists can appreciate. You might even like it if you don't ride a bike!

Rick Smith is my new hero! This is great stuff for commuters and roadies alike to enjoy. The more you ride, either to and from work or cross-country on the open road, the more you'll identify with the adventures of Yehuda and Joe. Thanks to podcast for the heads-up.


By the way, I enjoyed a brief but beautiful ride through Eagle Creek Park and north on Lafayette road earlier this evening. Mid-sixties temps and sunshine made this Sunday evening a great contrast to what we experienced in Breckenridge, Colorado last Sunday evening--freezing temps and lots of snow! Each has its place and is appreciated. Somehow, I really appreciated the warmth and sun today. Bring on spring!

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