Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Holy living is not about rules-keeping or subcultural fear

Just in case anyone ever begins to associate holy living with timidity, weakness, or an obsession with meticulous rules-keeping, read this:

“What have we made of our younger generation - cowardly little people without youth, wildness, courage, without joy in attempting anything, without originality and individuality? But we need all that. We need attempts. We need failures upon failures and the tough nature that is frightened by nothing, that holds firm and endures and starts over and over again until it succeeds, until we are thorough, until we are unconquerable. Whoever does not take upon himself the danger of defeat, of loneliness, of setbacks, will never attain victory. We want to create from the heart, and then we want, if must be, to suffer shipwreck and bear defeat until we have the victory and land is sighted.”

– Gustav Landauer of the Bruderhof Community

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