Friday, April 18, 2008

This morning's pre-dawn temblor was the first in the new millennium for Central Indiana

WAKE-UP SHAKE-UP. Did you feel it? It woke me up just after 5:30 am. I sat up in bed and watched everything in the room shake and rattle for maybe ten seconds (at the most). All in our household felt the tremor but we didn't know for sure that it was an earthquake until we listened to the news and started talking with folks.

RARE OCCURRENCE. The earthquake, a 5.2 temblor and very rare in the Midwest, was the common ground of conversations throughout the day. I've experienced only one other earthquake in my lifetime. Central Indiana felt a quake similar to this one back in 1987. As I recall, that quake occurred in the middle of the afternoon.

IMPORTANT REMINDER. Amazing, isn't it, the power of nature? We feel that we are in control of events and outcomes. We are planners and strategists. We foolishly surmise that we can determine our days and destinies. And then, ever so subtly, a small portion of earth shifts and we scramble for solid ground. Earth burps and we run for cover. Lilliputians we are. Ants.

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