Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This year's annual spring excursion to the Rockies is especially snowy

FRESH POWDER. Breckenridge is basking in six to ten inches of fresh powder today. We snowboarded and skied in heavy snow all day yesterday. Sometimes it was near white-out conditions. Visibility was about 40 feet. Today, however, the sun shines on Peaks 7, 8, 9 and 10 and distant trails and ski runs are visible from our window down in the town. In a little while, we hope to be sailing down the trails for our third day of this annual family Spring Break excursion.

GLORY REVEALED. Everything is covered with snow this morning. It weighs down every branch of every pine tree. It graces every rooftop and fills in the valleys. It piles six inches high atop railings and fence posts. The whole mountain side is turned white from a day's worth of snowfall. Sunrise makes its way down the mountain, revealing the glory of the storm on everything in sight.

A PLACE APART. This is good for my soul, especially after nearly a year without a break from daily and weekly service. This place has been an annual retreat for about ten years now. It is no less beautiful than the first time we visited here. I'm grateful for this opportunity. A place apart for brief respite and renewal is important for everyone, it seems to me.

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