Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Has it really yet dawned on us what occurred on Easter?

We live between the times --
between sunrise and fullness,
between dawn and high noon,
between Resurrection and Spirit baptism,
between surprise and surprise.

We are still dazed and amazed (or should be)
at the blinding light of Resurrection.
It is searing our minds,
re-framing our consciousness,
resetting trajectories,
redefining boundaries,
mysteriously buoying our hearts.

Like Saul of Tarsus knocked to the ground
on the road to Damascus,
Light-blinded, we grope along,
awash in vertigo,
unable yet to perceive
the new horizon blazing before us.

We aren't marching into the future
to triumphant strains of resurrection victory.
Instead, we stagger beyond Easter
more like AWOL recruits whose
thought-to-be-fallen leader
has been sighted alive.

Easter is a ray of hope that has yet
to make its full impact on us,
much less on a world still play-acting
a tragic, ancient script.
Easter is no weak beam, nor faint;
but hasten, Lord, its fullness in Pentecost.