Sunday, March 30, 2008

As I grow older, will I regress or grow?

O God,

What shall I become
as I grow older?
Less of what I have been?
More of the same?
Will I be more irritable,
less sensitive to all that now irritates me,
or free of such petty cares?
Will I continue to forgive,
or be less inclined to let go
offenses and harsh words?

As I grow older
do I continue to change,
or regress back into patterns that make me
rutted, and

O living Word,
Continue to change me.
Let Jesus Christ continue
to be formed in me,
so that whatever you intended me to be
I shall yet become.
Help me grow up in you.


“Until we're all moving rhythmically and easily with each other, efficient and graceful in response to God's Son, fully mature adults, fully developed within and without, fully alive like Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13, The Message by Eugene Peterson)

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