Thursday, March 6, 2008

We've been let down so many times this season, it's hard not to doubt

PROMISES, PROMISES. Last night, I overheard someone mention a possible snow storm coming to Central Indiana on Friday afternoon. We've heard these predictions several times this winter...and nothing happens. It's been a tough year for snow lovers around here. We get dustings, a flurry here and there, ground cover that melts quickly. The season's getting late for a good dumping of snow. Still, my cross-country skis await.

HOPE SPRINGS. I'd get my hopes up for that massive blob of moisture I see on the Internet satellite composite graphic inching our way, but as sure as I do, it'll veer to the south of us. Louisville will luck out, just like Fort Wayne did last week. I'll hope anyway. Nothing to lose. If it doesn't snow enough to ski, I'll hike through the woods and fields. Can't quench a winter-lover's spirit.

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  1. Sure enough...the motherlode missed us...again. What's an area have to do to get a good dumping of snow? Still, it IS snowing...and beckoning...


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