Sunday, March 23, 2008

Church historian Timothy L. Smith connected Easter to peace-living and peacemaking

AN ABIDING GIFT. "Eternal life began in a special sense for [the disciples] on Easter night, in the grace of shalom, in the gift of the Holy Spirit, who would abide with them forever. Temporal holiness and everlasting salvation thereafter were two sides of the same priceless coin…"

PERSONAL HOLINESS. "The cross, and the resurrection which triumphed over it, had brought them a shalom which the world could neither give nor take away. It would heal their wearied and sin-bound spirits, and set them to bringing peace on earth and good will among men…"

RESOURCES FOR CREATIVE PEACEABLENESS. "His shalom can fill those who trust in Him with the spiritual resources which will enable them to wage war on war, and provide them with weapons which by their peaceableness partakes of the nature of the kingdom for whose coming they both pray and work.”"

– Timothy L. Smith, in Perfect Love and War (a compilation of presentations as a conference on holiness theology, war, and peace)

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