Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our youngest child soon to be behind the wheel

Hard to imagine that Sam is old enough to be in driver's training. Sam behind the wheel! I've been working with him on how to drive my manual-transmission Beetle. He's determined to get it down and I'm sure he'll master it. I made the mistake of showing him how to "burn rubber" on a take-off; I'm sure I'll pay for that in tires and a clutch before long. Happy birthday, Sam! Everybody else: you've been warned!


  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    haha sam will be good with a manual transmission. i remember when i tried. i think all of west indianapolis was annoyed that a silver beetle kept stalling by the airport

  2. Hey, I think you would have gotten the hang of it if we'd taken more time. Sam's stalled it a few times, but we were in a parking lot; different than being on a two-lane road, as you were, Jared. Sam's problem will be being over-confident.


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