Thursday, March 10, 2011


Jesus' call encompasses--and transcends--our symbolic sacrifices in Lent

Lent is not native to me.
I’m not conditioned to give up things
at the sound of Ash Wednesday

Forty days of abstinence
from minor indulgences seems
far too trite in the face of
Calvary’s calling,

As if a season of self-denial
should suffice to reckon with my soul
the depth and breadth
of such Love.

Giving up chocolates or a meal a day
while a suffering Jesus lays down his life
doesn't appear to be a fitting

I know this is not fasting's intent,
but I wonder if my smaller sacrifices
wind up merely trivializing Lenten

I commend all who make this sojourn,
who translate the pang of denied appetites
into thanksgiving for a greater

I walk alongside Lenten travelers
with empathy and a bit of jealousy
for the simplicity of heart-felt

As we journey to Jerusalem, I ponder
Jesus' daily counsel: "Deny yourself,
take up your cross daily and
follow me.”

Surely Lenten disciplines are included
in his bidding, and when this leg is
complete shall we embrace his
deeper path?

“Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life,
my all.”

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