Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Enough with the light stuff, we're looking for a storm

We keep getting teased with
snow flurries.
Snow flurries are cute.
Snow flurries are charming.
Snow flurries are winsome.
But snow flurries don't put more than
a smattering of the white stuff
on the ground.
They don't pile up enough snow
to slide skis across.
They don't accumulate enough
to glide over with a sled.
They don't snarl traffic.
They don't suspend school.
They're not even worth
pushing aside with a shovel.
They just tease us.
What we're looking for,
what we're waiting for,
what we're praying for
is a real snow storm.
Is that too much to ask
in the middle of an
Indiana February?

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