Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, 2007 - from Sagar to Lalitpur

FROM SAGAR TO LALITPUR. We rode our bicycles 116 kilometers / 70.5 miles on on very rough roads the first day of February 2007. The trek from Sagar to Lalitpur didn't have so many potholes as uneven and patched tarmac. This section of the highway was being improved; lots of construction. Our new team of Indian riders got an immediate baptism in long and difficult riding. Yogish, a young man from Nagpur, experienced only our second tire puncture in over 2,400 km. We left the state of Madhya Pradesh and entered the state of Uttar Pradesh, inching us nearer to New Delhi.

HARRIET BENSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. In Lalitpur, we were privileged to be hosted in the guest house of the Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital. This was our second evening to be guests of Christian hospitals (other than Umri Christian Hospital) initiated by missionaries external to India and now led by Indian medical and operations staff. The next night, we would stay at the Maria Ackerman Hoyt Memorial Hospital. These hospitals have an important medical mission in serving the poorest of the poor with caring and quality medical care in historically underserved areas.

AUTHENTIC HOSPITALITY. In addition to hospital guest houses, we were invited to stay overnight in churches, a school for deaf young people, homes, and training facilities. All along the journey, we experienced authentic hospitality.

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