Monday, February 18, 2008

The Central IMCPL Library draws me to the best desktop space in town

ROOM WITH A VIEW. I've taken up new office digs. The new-found workspace away from my primary desks at church and home happens to be one of the most expensive, panoramic, and well-appointed office areas in the city. And it's "free" to me. And to you. And to every other resident or guest of Indianapolis. I'm finding it possible to work quietly and creatively at one of many window-side tables (with lights and power plugs) in a Wi-Fi environment with endless reference information just a few feet away at the new Central Library in downtown Indy. The Central Library is worth visiting just for the "awesome!" comments it will inspire. Awesome, also, was the price tag. But it's built, it's beautiful, it's accessible, it's available, and it's ours to explore and use. See you there! Learn more about the Central Library of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library network at ths link.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Where do you park, I heard that wasnt 'free.' Marti

  2. Garage parking (below ground) costs $1 or $2, depending on how long you're there. Most of the nearby street parking is metered, but there are about 20 spaces that are not metered. Aditionally, there is free parking on several side streets. I try to make visits to the Central Library as cost-free as possible.


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