Friday, February 29, 2008

The Indiana State Legislature's decision is a slap in the face of the Latino community

THINLY VEILED RACISM. Our State Legislators voted this week to officially unwelcome any undocumented worker in the State of Indiana. Over the counsel of thoughtful business leaders, over the wisdom of Latino leaders, over the concept of common sense, Carmel Republican Mike Delph got his wish and his way. And the way our so-called leaders have taken is thinly-veiled racism. This is not a policy intended to uphold the law, as has been self-righteously stated; it is a policy intended to drive most of the Latino community into subjection, intimidation, fear, and out of the state.

MOCKS THE COMMON GOOD. I can't think of a more inhospitable policy that serves so small a range of interests. It mocks the very idea of the common good and community. Our State Legislators should be ashamed of themselves. I call upon Governor Mitch Daniels to veto the legislation and call for a better way forward in light of a greater national deliberation that is taking place regarding comprehensive immigration reform. If he doesn't veto it, perhaps it should be challenged and overturned in Indiana's courts. I think most Hoosiers will agree that this policy does not represent our desires for our Latino neighbors.

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