Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Kolkata-to-Mumbai Cycling Event is Possible

ACROSS FOR A CROSS. It's been exactly one year since we completed our 2,000-mile bicycle ride from the southern tip of India to New Delhi and I long to ride in India once again. Joe James and some of our Indian friends have talked about an east-to-west ride to complement our south-to-north journey. On a map, the route from Kolkata (Calcutta) to Mumbai (Bombay), combined with the route we took from Nagercoil to New Delhi, would form a "cross."

TO FULFILL THE FINANCIAL NEED. The ride might help us complete what we started--to raise the full amount needed to replace Umri Christian Hospital. About $330,000 of a needed $600,000 had been thus far contributed. The remaining $270,000 is essential for completion, equipping, and sending a signal to all that UCH will have a significant stake in India's future. I would be honored to ride across India again if we could do so with financial commitments to fulfill the required amount for hospital replacement.

LEARNING LESSONS. I think our first ride and fund-raising effort could well-inform a second excursion. There were numerous lessons learned for consideration in planning that can produce a more fruitful outcome. Connections and networks were established in India that make a second effort welcome, too. We'll have to give this some prayer and further thought. I welcome your helpful input, too.

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