Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9, 2007 - between Bangalore and Hyderabad

WORK ALONG THE WAY. These women aren't dressed up for a special event. This is standard brillance and variety of color in everyday saris worn by women all over India. These women were working as field laborers. They carried grain- and weed-cutting tools along with a lunch box. Two men were apparently in the role of foremen.

HARD WORK. We encountered many such groups of laborers throughout our 2,000-mile bike ride through India this time last year. Our day-long toil on our bikes, putting us 100 kilometers or so up the road, couldn't compare with the hard work these folks put in each day. We wondered what their compensation per hour or for a day's labor would be. We also wondered if the people so working had choices in the type of work in which they engaged.

Photo by Joe James

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