Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30, 2007 - from Lahknadon to Sagar

JOLTED AND JARRED. Our bicycle entourage veered off National Highway 7 and traveled a "short cut" to Sagar on this day last year. The road turned out to be the roughest section we would ride in the 2,000-mile journey. We were jolted and jarred and the going was slow. But, even for the really bad parts, there were a few segments that were good as well as hilly. Bob Yardy and I had fun sailing down a few of the hills, as this photo taken by Joe James indicates.

DO I KNOW HOW TO RIDE? When I had my mountain bike crash in June 2007 and landed in the hospital with 17 fractures, Joe had this photo enlarged to poster size and framed. He brought it to my hospital room and said he just wanted everyone to know that I really do know how to ride a bike! This photo now hangs in my office for all to see. I'm back on my bike and feeling no pain. In fact, the very bike in this photo--an old Cannondale touring bike I picked up used a few years ago--is what I'm riding outside through the winter. My newer Cannondale (all of 1991 "new") is on a Cyclops trainer in our basement--for use when it's just too cold outside. I'm way behind in my effort to pedal half the 2,000-mile distance between December 30 and February 8, but still cranking whenever I can.

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